In addition to the gallery and showroom, Rare Elements also provides several related services including:


To truly evaluate antiques or works of art, a thorough understanding of the quality, medium, historical context, as well as the current marketplace is needed. At Rare Elements, we’re happy to put our expertise as well as our international network of professional dealers, collectors and auctioneers to use for you. We’ll provide an honest, unbiased, accurate appraisal for estate, fair market value or insurance purposes.

Estate Consulting

When the need arises to evaluate or liquidate an estate, Rare Elements can oversee and guide the process in a dignified manner. Our knowledge of the inherent value, external trends and true market value of your property can help you navigate what can be an emotionally trying situation. We make sure that the items and transactions are handled with the professionalism they deserve.

Collection Consulting

Whether new to collecting, accumulating a world-class collection, or hunting for an elusive piece, clients are able to leverage Rare Element’s expertise and international network. We will work confidentially, in partnership with you, to find the right item or work of art, at the right price. We will also offer our opinion and guidance to evaluate purchases that you may be considering from other dealers or galleries.

Selling & Buying

Whether through auction or privately, should you be ready to part with a valued item or group, or need assistance in acquiring new work, Rare Elements is in a position to assist you. Our well established network of dealers and auctioneers can provide a competitive outlet to help realize the highest price if selling. Meanwhile our expertise can provide you with an insightful, discreet ability to bid anonymously at auction.