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Massive Joseph Waelkens Embroidered Applique Flag of Flanders

Massive Joseph Waelkens embroidered applique flag of Flanders, early 20th century. The majestic flag features a black lion rampant with red tongue appliqued on yellow sail cloth sewn together in four sections. Bearing its original label from “Firma Jos. Waelkens Oostrozebeke” and inscribed “oost-vlannd”.
Size: 6 ft 2 in. x 9 ft 3 in.

The Waelkens Flag company, founded in 1928 and based in the small town of Oostrozebeke in Flanders, is one of the few companies in the world that still makes hand-embroidered flags. Clients include governments across the globe, including the US.

Inventory #UN6160