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Rare 18th Century English Cream ware Black Transferware Bowl

Rare English cream ware “Come Box the Compass” bowl, Leeds or Staffordshire, late 18th century. Black transferware decoration with two figures and a clipper ship in cartouche, a flower, and sailor’s farewell quote “When this you see, remember me, And bear me in your mind, Let all the world, say what they will, Speak of me as you find”, with “Come Box the Compass” decoration on interior of bowl.
Note: A paper label affixed to bottom attributes the bowl to Leeds pottery, however, a cream ware mug with the same inscription is listed as Staffordshire, circa 1770 in “A Catalogue of Collected Pottery and Porcelain Illustrating Popular British History” published in 1899 by the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Diameter: 6 1/4 inches, height: 3 inches.

Inventory #OJ5057