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Rare Japanese Meiji Sasaki Niroku Ceramic Farm Basket with Crab Vase

Japanese Sasaki Niroku (1857-1935) Ceramic Farm Basket with Crab Vase, Meiji Taisho period. Whimsical vase in the form of a tattered rice planting basket with a small crab balancing on the rim. Hand built glazed ceramic, signed on bottom with two impressed seal-form marks. Including the tomobako (original box).
Note: Sasaki Niroku was born in 1857 in Ehime Prefecture to a family of ceramic roof tile makers. In 1884 he started learning to model life-like renditions of human figures in clay, and dreamed of becoming a serious potter. So, in 1887, he visited and studied at many kilns around Japan, returning to his hometown on Shikoku to found his own kiln. He named the pottery Niroku-yaki (Niroku Ware). By 1903, he had won awards for his work at the 5th Naikoku Kangyo Hakurankai (National Industrial Exhibition) held in Osaka. The following year, he won a silver prize at the World Exposition in Saint Louis.

Inventory #AE7124